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Hidden Wonders in Light

Hidden Wonders in Light
Hidden Wonders in Light
Hidden Wonders in Light
Hidden Wonders in Light
Hidden Wonders in Light

A unique property of light led to one of the most important works ever published in the field

of Physics. It is the Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity. Here is an attempt to give a clear

explanation of the Special Theory of Relativity without the help of abstract mathematical

equations. Galileo unified rest and motion. Maxwell unified the theories of electricity and

magnetism, resulting in a simple law that the speed of light is a universal constant. From

these theories, Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity of remarkable consequences was born.

The best known is the equivalence of mass and energy summed up as the famous Einstein

equation E = mc^2. The origin of the idea of space-time is also coming here. The theories,

facts, and examples are presented along with any young student’s views and understandings.

Standing on the academic level of high school level children, through the facts they know,

this an attempt to give them a little more ideas that they can absorb.

Publisher Saikatham Books LLP
Binding Type
Binding Paper back
Year Printed
Year 2022
Language English
Book Details
ISBN 9789394315662
Pages 64
Cover Design Justin

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