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Humorous Chit-Chats

Humorous Chit-Chats
Humorous Chit-Chats

A tension free life is everybody’s dream. But it does not come true in many contexts of modern life. But this book is an easy solution to this problem. 

What elixir is to body is this book to mind, stricken with grief.

Chev. Prof. Baby M. Varghese

The jokes appear in this book are not merely comic, but forms of wit and sarcasm which may tickle one’s fantasy. In fact, while laughing at others, you may catch a glimpose of yourself - such is the variety of characters projected in this book.

This books provides varieties of humorous materals for public speakers , teachers, religious preachers, comedians, students, house wives, and plane - train travellers...

Publisher Saikatham Books
Binding Type
Binding Paper Back
Year Printed
Year 2013
Language English
Book Details
ISBN 9789382757269
Pages 96
Cover Design M R Vipin
Edition 1

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  • ISBN: 9789382757269

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