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What keeps us alive? What makes us wake up every morning, and survive? What gives us the strength to continue?

HOPE. A hope that the goodness of today will continue forever. A hope that tomorrow will be better than what today is. A hope that we will succeed.

What happens when we lose hope?

Kuttan, a young aspiring entrepreneur, has lost all hopes. His life has been always unfair to him. Maya, his girlfriend, who was his pillar of strength, too has left him. Everything he thought to have possessed is gone.

Kuttan does not wish to continue his miserable life- the life of a loser. He decides to end his life exactly at midnight, the time when he was born. While waiting for the time of his death, Kuttan takes a look back at his life. Was he a loser? How was his life related to people in it? How unfair had he been to himself and his loved ones?

Kuttan is soon to realise. This is his story of self-realization.

Book Details
ISBN 9389463163
Pages 160
Year Published 2020
Edition 1
Category Novel
Binding Paper Back

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Tags: Samsara