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About Us

        Saikatham Books LLP is the realization of a long cherished dream of a few lovers of Books of Value, Publishing Book since 2010. We do not consider books as a mere, commercial product, but it is a part of culture and life reflecting the Soul of the writer and a motivating element of human life to success. We never treat books as a commodity, but it is the product of our devotion and dedication and the author is not a client but our best companion.

        So far we have published many books comprising of more than twenty categories such as fictions, non fictions, educational, self help, GK, children literature, studies, essays etc.; both in English and Malayalam to enchant and engage both adults and children, timely books on current affairs vivid memoirs and biographies that give insight into the lives of distinguished dignitaries.

        We publish nearly 100 books a year so that we can easily maintain our highest standards and we proudly offer, most effective, efficient, committed and timely service to a wide range of famous authors. Our mission is to publish quality books with valuable content. Most of Saikatham’s books are heartily welcomed and appreciated a wide range of reputed readers.


        We have an in house team of skilled, expert and experienced professionals always ready to take you all the way from manuscript to book shelf, ensuring that all our authors get the due attention they deserve. Most of our authors have come to us knowing the quality and promptness of our service.


  • A team of highly experienced editors to deal with a broad range of subject matter.
  • Expert editorial guidance, including thorough copy-editing and full consultation.
  • Cover designers who excel at producing eye-catching and thrilling commercial designs.

A production team who maintains high standards while obtaining the best print available in the printing industry to give the full value to the buyer.

An experienced marketing and publicity department with established contacts and an excellent track record of obtaining press, Printed Media, Radio and TV coverage; bookshop and library distribution; online promotion, including, etc. and; and global marketing where appropriate.


1. Mainstream Publishing

        The publisher will pay for all costs and may pay an advance to the author.

        Due to the high level of risk in conventional publishing, books generally have to be considered to have mass market potential. Considers previously established authors with a successful track record or wide popularity.

        Every year Saikatham Books brings out conventionally published titles that we think will move well in the mass market, and we have an excellent record of sales. Conventional publishing enables us to maintain a position in marketing that benefits all the books we publish.

2. Partnership Publishing

        This is a full publishing package, just as you would have in conventional publishing, but towards which an author contributes the costs and retains creative control and a high level of involvement. Unlike self publishing, partnership publishing provides the full service, as detailed above. If we publish your book, you will be asked to pay the costs of the first edition.

        There are no additional hidden costs; any subsequent reprints are paid for in full by the Saikatham Books.

3. Sponsored books for companies and charities.

        We provide the publishing expertise for the company-backed books, according to your needs.

        At Saikatham Books we give the same attention to the books published under our Partnership Publishing program as we do with our conventionally published titles.

4. Production only

        This service includes the full editorial, production and design of your book to provide you with finished copies for your own distribution and use. The books will be mostly published under a separate brand Name @ Chris Publications.


a. Electronic submissions

        Text should be saved in PDF with all chapters, Bio data, Preface, Introduction, Dedication etc. in one document. You can email it to us at (with the subject line marked as ‘Submission of Manuscript’ followed by the title of your book) or send a CD.

        Sometimes, we accept the Pagemaker version of the book, but the font used should be Times of New Roman or ML-Revathi.

b. Print submissions

          Printed manuscripts should preferably be typewritten. Handwritten article is also acceptable. Please do not send the only copy of your manuscript, photographs and documents as we cannot be held responsible in any way for loss or damage of any material you submit. If you would like us to return your manuscript, please enclose a cover of the manuscript size with the correct postage stamps.

Please send your manuscript to:

Saikatham Books,
P.B. No. 57,
Kothamangalam P.O.,
Kothamangalam, Ernakulam Dist.,
Kerala, India. PIN 686 691
PH: 00 91 485 2823800

Kindly do necessary follow-ups by phone or email to make sure the receipt. We will acknowledge receipt of your manuscript when we receive it and will reply within one month of submission with our proposals.

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Registered Office Address

LLPIN : AAI-5162
XXV/1230, Chanthiyathu Building,
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