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Anooja Nair

Brand: Anooja Nair Model: 2422
Anooja Nair’s Poems are a reflection of the extraordinary ability she posses, which would be convinced to all those who read them. We often see children writing poems and stories at an early age. But, the thing that sets Anooja apart from others is her ability to observe the surroundings with a thir..
Brand: Anooja Nair Model: 2503
Love can withstand any emotion; it’s stronger than you think. Here in this book, it is a love story that goes through different emotions like pain, soreness, delightfulness and jealously. The note is that, it doesn’t matter where your heart begins but what matters is where it resides. Neverthless to..
Brand: Anooja Nair Model: 2506
‘Petrona Hugus the Indian Circus’ is the second book in the storms novel series. It is an adventures story with love, mystery and suspense. Petrona and her seven friends decided to travel India to help someone. They reached at an Indian Village Hampi in South Indian State of Karnataka where the stor..
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